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Springaren 135 ute nu
Vårnumret 2015 av Springaren är nu ute!
Springaren Summer Tourney 2008 - Final Award

Per Olin points out that the white rook in Rolf Uppström's retro problem, (Comm.) in the award
of the Summer Tourney 2008 (issue 111) not necessarily must be promoted.

Hence, the whole idea collapses. RU suggests the following correction/rescue:

White Rb8→B, white Pc2→b3, +white Pg2, +white Bf1

The problem becomes

a b c d e f g h
Rolf Uppström - correction 

Black to move. What was white's last move?
a) diag. b) +black Ng8

with essentially the same solutions - Bb8 is promoted and the white pawns must have made five captures in the given position which gives:

a) Kd6xRc7 (after black Re7-c7+)
b) Now the remaining black pieces isn't enought to allow for a capture by the white king. Hence, the
move must be Kd6-c7 after black's latest move Ne7-g8.

I think that the problem aesthetically loses on a white pawn on the third row, even if the retro element probably is better. However, since I chose to mention this problem just because it was a retro, and since it only concerns a commendation, it get to keep its (unordered) commendation. With this the award is final.


Linköping, June 2009,
Göran Forslund

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