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Springaren 135 ute nu
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Springaren #n 2007
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I am grateful to Rolf Uppström for the invitation to examine the 2007 crop. There were 28 originals. The Scandinavian penchant for minimals and good economy was much in evidence, and although some were database material they had a point to make.

I was impressed by the tabular presentation of solutions, together with diagrams and copious comment.

(Här presenteras enbart pristagaren. För komplett prislista, se Springaren 114, sept 2009)

Prize 11049
Hans Peter Rehm
(dedicated Bo Lindgren 80)

a b c d e f g h
Matt i 7 drag 


1. Tf1! (några hot är 2.Sc6,Sf7 och 2.Tf6)
1.– Txf1+ 2.Lb1! Tf6! (2.– Tb1? 3.Kxb1; 2.– Se3? 3.Sdc6 Kf4 4.Le3 Kg4 5.Se5 Kh4 6.Sg6#)
3.Txa4 (hot 4.Te4#) Sf2
4.Txa6!! Txa6+ 5.La2 Tf6 (5.– Txa2+ 6 Kxa2)
och äntligen 6.d6 (7.Sdc6#) Txd6 7.Sf7#

Faced with 1.d6? Sxe3! White has first to provide a guard for f4, then for e4 at the expense of e6, and then force 2...Sf2. All this is achieved by double Lepuschutz check provocation, likely to be a new achievement. For more discussion of the Lepuschutz theme, see Jorg Kuhlmann's column in The Problemist July & September 2009! A worthy tribute to your column editor, preceding the formal tourney.

Jim Grevatt, Lazybed,
Headley, England

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